April Lorenzen

Chief Data Scientist, Computer & Network Security

Hi, I'm April Lorenzen. Welcome to my profile!

April Lorenzen's Bio:

April Lorenzen, a respected data scientist with decades of technical leadership in distinctive communities such as M3AAWG and APWG. Zetalytics’ focus is the critical layer of network security. Unrivalled geo-diversity and exclusive global network visibility enables Zetalytics to consistently make early threat intel discoveries. Zetalytics Security Feed integrates easily into existing network protection hardware such as firewalls and SEIM, pushing extra protection near real time. Forensics, incident response and threat intel teams benefit from the massive historical search API as well as the use of Zetalytics data visualization tools. Advanced trainings are conveniently located between New York and Boston. Clients include MailChimp, Microsoft, Afilias and Northrop Grumman.

April Lorenzen's Experience:

  • Chief Data Scientist at Zetalytics

    Massive passive DNS data is what I comb daily, providing the most interesting IPs and domains real time as a network protection security feed. You can use our tools to set up your own custom feeds, or query our APIs. I focus on the intersection of malware and the Domain Name System.

  • Research Fellow at APWG

    http://www.cnbc.com/id/101330249 http://docs.apwg.org/reports/APWG_Model_Desktop_Clean_Up_Programs_NOV_2013.pdf